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Feb. 24th

Just a small update. For the most part, everything is the same-o-same-o. Coming up on my 8 month anniversary of being here in South Korea, I'm completely exhausted and really hating my job.

Just like the rest of the world, Korea is having it's financial problems. Because of this, parents are pulling their kids out of academies and the schools are suffering. In an effort to enroll new students, my boss is going out of his mind and serving everyone with a huge work load, that is really unnecessary. The Korean logic is, "if it's not working, work 8 times more." Instead of taking in account of the economic problem and understanding that everyone in Korea is having financial difficulty, he thinks the teachers should jump through hoops, swim with sharks (I'll get to that later), and do other outrageous activities that serve no purpose in trying to enroll more students. Not to mention the fact that he is having us, the foreign teachers, do GnB's job of training new teachers. Personally, I think it's not my responsibility to train new teachers. If GnB wants their teachers to teach and educate a certain way, then it's their duty as an employer to do so; not their employees. I'm on a serious countdown right now.

Onto other exciting news, I will be swimming with sharks this Sunday March 1st. Back in December, there was a fundraiser for orphanages in Busan. The fundraiser was a silent auction along with a dating auction (men and women provided dates and whoever was the winning bidder got a date. I did not partake in this part of the auction.). A friend and I were having a bidding war with the item "swimming with sharks". There were two tickets up for grabs and eventually I won. I paid a good price for them, but the way I saw it is, if it's helping kids stay warm during winter and helping them try to live a decent life, then it was all worth it. The place to go is right here in Haeundae on the beach in the Busan Aquarium. A couple of my friends have already done it and said that it was a blast. Apparently there is a turtle that nips at you, but all you have to do is push him away (he was described as Crush, from Finding Nemo). The sharks that are there are Great Whites - just kidding. :) They are Nurse Sharks and they're one of the more gentle sharks. I'm really stoked to do it, and the girl I've invited to go with me is super stoked as well. Here is the site to take a preview of what's to be expected:http://www.scubainkorea.com/Shark_Diving/Shark_Diving.htm It's going to be a fun time, and I'll make sure to take some pictures and post them up here too!

The reason that I decided to do the swimming with sharks right now is because I have vacation coming up. I just purchased the biggest item ever in my whole life, by myself, and it's a plane ticket to the Philippines!!! I'm heading on a trip, alone, to Puerto Galera in the Philippines come March 12th. It's going to be the first time I take a vacation sans anyone else (South Korea is not vacation) and really do whatever I want. I'll be there from March 12th - March 20th and the majority of my trip is going to be scuba diving, laying on a beach, drinking something out of a coconut, and laying in a hammock reading a book. The shark diving is getting me reacquainted with diving since it's been a couple of years since my last dive. If I can make it to March 12th then the rest of my time here in South Korea is going to be easy as pie. I understand why they give us 10 days vacation. In the middle of my time spent here, I really do need it. So Puerto Galera is my destination that I have chosen and I think, and hope, that it'll give me everything that I've been needing. And I'll make sure to take a ton of pictures and post them too!!

Other than that, like I said, everything is same-o-same-o. It's starting to warm up a little bit so me and a girlfriend run down to the beach MWF and it's just nice. I hate winter because I get so lazy and unproductive, so now that summer is coming up, I have a feeling that things will look up. I'll keep you posted on what happens this weekend.


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Oh good, you are taking my turn. Good diving! Looking forward to hearing all about it. - Rebecca

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